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This paper is for information only. It represents the observations, views and opinions of the author, but is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment.




Oxygen Treatments

  Ozone (O3), Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3) Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2)
Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) & Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)



Shortly after I wrote my web page section on L-Lysine reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the extension to a general treatment for autoimmune diseases, I met a woman on the tennis courts who told me that a over a year ago she had Rheumatoid Arthritis complicated with a general sense of illness so severe she thought it might be life threatening.  Her doctor was unable to help her.  Then she somehow discovered the claims about ozone treatments helping many issues and took that direction.  The details of her methods used in applying the ozone were complex and thoroughly researched.  In a period of about one year she completely recovered from her arthritis and her associated ill-defined disease. 


She is quite intelligent and I was certain she was telling me the truth.  This left me totally puzzled.  The mechanism had to be completely different from the lysine treatment for rheumatoid arthritis that I had identified.  I found this exciting and initiated an effort to identify what it was and how it worked.  It was an exciting adventure that led me to understanding not only ozone but also other oxidants that could perform as well or better.


I started my analysis with ozone:


A literature search on the internet identified numerous publications including three review papers that best summarized ozoneÕs medical performance and the current understanding of its mechanism.  They are:


1) The Story of Ozone, Sixth Edition, by Saul Pressman

(Presents a list of 255 diseases that have been treated with ozone.)



2) Ozone Therapy, Editorial Review by N. DI PAOLO, V. BOCCI, & E. GAGGIOTTI


3) Ozone Therapy, from Wikipedia


I also purchased and read the book that some consider the ÒBibleÓ on the subject:

4) ÒTHE USE OF OZONE IN MEDICINEÓ, 4th English edition 2002,


ISBN 3-934181-01-5


In addition to arthritis, these publications identify an almost unlimited number of other diseases that had been treated successfully with ozone.  The Story of Ozone, Sixth Edition, referenced above presents a list of 255 diseases that have been treated with ozone.  This is not surprising since the first use of ozone in medicine was in 1870.  The other review papers referenced present long lists of diseases treated also.  They all reach a single most fundamental conclusion: Ozone inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast, fungus, & protozoa; essentially all known classes of pathogens.  As direct evidence: when ozone is used to sterilize water, no pathogens survive or mutate into forms that do survive.  Thus, properly employed medically, it can assist the immune system in all its functions.  That explains why so many diseases can be treated by ozone.  The species of man would never have survived to evolve into the form we recognize if it werenÕt for the profound range of adaptively of our immune system.  Given the capacity of ozone to inactivate all pathogens, you could not find a better match to support the full diversity of the immune system.  It could even extend on the range of a particular individualÕs immune system to handle pathogens it canÕt.  Another key feature is it can do this at doses low enough that normal cells survive.  The observed death rate associated with ozone treatment is insignificant.  In ÒThe Story of OzoneÓ they reference one study where treating 384,775 patients resulted in only four fatalities. 


If we thus assume that ozone treatments support the full range of the immune system it gives credibility to the claims it has been helping with the treatment of the 255 diseases listed in ÒThe Story of OzoneÓ.  Such an extreme claim would normally make one doubt its validity.  However, it makes sense in that it would be expected as explained by the analysis presented here. 


After reviewing the results presented in the above publications I felt there was something fundamental that was missing in the understanding.  The results were too inconsistent.  When I then traced the path of oral ozone dissolved in water it came to me what it was.  It is critically important and has been missed for the 137 years of use of ozone in medicine by all the researchers and practitioners in the field.  It is the key to further progress in the treatment and it hasnÕt been identified in any publication.


The Discovery


When a person drinks ozone dissolved in water it first goes through the stomach and then into the intestine where it is processes in the same path that all food follows.  It passes through the intestinal wall into the Portal Vein.   The Portal Vein leads directly to the liver where the digested food in the blood is further processed producing a vast array of essential nutrients.  As part of this process, any remaining pathogens are filtered out in the liver, and thus concentrated for deactivation by immune cells delivered by a separate blood supply.  This immune processing step is critical.  If it fails to keep up with the pathogen load, you can get serious, even fatal liver disease.  The source could be any pathogen that produces the overload. 


In Context:

To put this in context, your food first enters the stomach where it is greatly acidified and the enzyme pepsin is added which works best at the stomach pH =1.   The combination of the pepsin and the acid disassembles proteins into their individual amino acids which can later be used by your body as building blocks for other, essential, proteins with no memory of the proteins they came from.   All pathogens have essential proteins, consisting of long chains of amino acids folded into highly specific configurations that must be maintained for the pathogen to remain active.  When they are disassembled, the pathogen is permanently deactivated.  This process is called denaturing. 

This is the first step of the immune system.  It is critically important for your survival.  It deactivates the bulk of the pathogens.  However, some pathogens still survive and remain in the food at much lower concentrations.  From the stomach they pass into the intestine with the food.  The intestine further processes the food preparing it for absorption through the intestinal wall into the portal vein, carrying with it any remaining pathogens.


The Portal Vein leads directly to the liver that further processes the nutrients to produce a vast array of essential biochemicals.  In the process the liver filters out the remaining pathogens for a second stage of deactivation accomplished by the immune system.  This stage is designed as a finishing step. It is not designed to handle the full load of pathogens that can arrive if the stomach-preprocessing step fails. 


When the stomach-preprocessing step fails, the liver pathogen filter system can get overloaded and saturated. It will leak pathogens which may lead to liver disease, further weakening the liver defense system, causing it to become even less effective, and so on.  You could be looking at an avalanching system that leads to liver failure.  It should be noted that excessive use of antacids can lead to liver failure by this mechanism.  At a lower level it can lead to reduced resistance to a very wide range of diseases, possibly all 255 of those listed in ÒThe Story of OzoneÓ.


Introduce ozone taken orally. The ozone would enter the portal vein and be transported directly to the filters in the liver where the pathogens have been concentrated. OzoneÕs ability to deactivate all pathogens is utilized with its diversity being essential.  This mechanism understanding would suggest that by far the best method of administering ozone is orally.  The ozone is delivered directly to where the pathogens are concentrated.  In addition, this is not a one-shot process.  Pathogens that leak through in the first pass will be continually circulated back to the liver in the blood for more passes through the filter.  This process will address not just the pathogens that originated in the food but also those resulting from diseases.  The extraordinary effectiveness of this process in treating a very broad range of diseases is due to the existence of a filter system perfected over a million years of evolution to remove all pathogens in combination with an oxidizing treatment that can deactivate all pathogens.


One method of treatment, Ozone Autohemotherapy (OAHT) is practised today in all countries of Europe.  The technique is simple: blood is collected in a glass recipient containing either heparin or sodium citrate, placed in contact with an oxygen/ozone mixture at concentrations ranging between 15-80 ug/mL for 5-10 minutes and then reinfused into the patient.  This is similar to introducing the ozone into the portal vein in that the ozone would be in the blood.  A fraction of the circulating blood is continually passed through the liver where the pathogens are concentrated in the filters.  This would expose them to the flow of ozonated blood.  I donÕt know if oral ozone can be adjusted to be equally effective.  They both introduce the ozone into the blood supply but at different locations.  The oral method introduces it into the portal vein directly upstream of the liver where the full flow of the ozonated blood goes directly to the liver.  The OAHT method introduces it into the general blood circulation where only a fraction is circulated directly to the liver with each pass.  I would expect that a properly designed oral approach would give better results and would not require the direct assistance of a doctor.  I donÕt know if any direct comparison has been made. 


There would be one exception in terms of preferred treatment mode.  That is when the infection is on the skin and ozone can be applied directly to the area on the skin where the pathogens are concentrated.  My friend told me of a purchasable source of ozone treated olive oil.  Bubbling ozone through olive oil will result in the ozone reacting with the oil making a verity of peroxides that are very oxidizing.  The oil gradually thickens into a paste that can be easily applied to the skin.  She found it to be extremely effective for skin outbreaks.

Intestinal and vaginal applications have a similar feature.  In some cases the pathogen is concentrated on the surface.  According to my friend, she found it was safe, and more effective, to employ methods that get higher, localized concentrations of active oxidizers directly on the infected area. 


Additional Points:


1) In the case of intestinal infections I would always start with inducing diarrhea with large doses of vitamin C.  This will sweep out the pathogens the way nature designed you.  If this doesnÕt work, then you can consider ozone.  


2) When drinking ozone-saturated water it first has to pass through the stomach where it normally would be greatly acidified.  When this happens it will dramatically increase the oxidative reactivity of the ozone.  The ozone will thus easily react with any food still there.  In doing so, the concentration of ozone in the water will be depleted with no benefit to disease control.  The enhanced disease control happens only after the ozone passes through the intestinal wall and to the liver in the portal vein.  It is helpful only after it reaches the liver where the pathogens are concentrated on the filters.  Thus we want to start with an empty stomach (as little food as possible).  We also want to minimize the reactivity of the ozone until it reaches the liver.  We donÕt want it reacting with any residual food in transit.  Once it reaches the liver it will be in blood where the pH is that of the blood.  The ozone reactivity will then be controlled by the blood pH of the body, which is strictly controlled by the body.  We thus want to control the stomach pH while the ozone passes through it to conserve its activity. To accomplish this we want to add a pH buffer to the ozone water.  The right buffer will stabilize the acidity of the stomach at a more alkaline state during the time the ozone is passing through and leave no negative residuals.  The simplest buffer would sodium bicarbonate, (baking soda).  Thus, we want to add a small amount of baking soda or some other suitable buffer to the ozone water to keep it viable until it reaches the liver.  


In my readings I have not found any indication that the importance of this step has been recognized.  Stomach acidity can vary greatly from time to time in any one individual as well as between individuals.  That may explain inconsistency in some ozone-treatment results. 


3) There may be a deception by a reversal of the benefits.  Once the pathogen load has been deactivated to the point the immune system can take over, further treatment with ozone can have a negative effect.  Ozone is a toxin, not a nutrient.  Continued use after the disease has been eliminated will be introducing a toxin into the system that no longer is needed for disease control.  That can be expected to have a negative effect.  Ozone treatment should be ceased, to be started again only when the disease starts up again.  Use it only as needed.

4) There is a reason why evolution designed the system the way it is.  Digested food is fed directly into the blood in the portal vein, which leads directly to the liver.  This is not just because the liver needs direct access to the nutrients to support its diverse processes, but also it blocks further progression of any pathogens by filtering them out.  This is a well-designed filter system that also provides for a concentrated immune attack on the pathogens concentrated on/in the filter. The ozone treatment via the portal vein concentrates the ozone attack at the same location.  We thus have the combination of three systems, the filter concentration of the pathogens, an enhanced immune capacity at that location, and the location where the blood ozone concentration from the portal vein is highest.  As any soldier knows packing he enemy tightly together makes their destruction easier.  It should also be noted that the ozone uses the same oxidative chemical attack as the immune system.  They are not in conflict, but rather they are directly supportive.  The ozone treatment partners with immune system, each enhancing the other.  It is the partnership that allows the combination to inflict ÒThe Perfect StormÓ attack on pathogens with unparalleled, devastating effectiveness.


The Lymph System


The bodyÕs second major filter system is in the distributed lymph nodes.  The fluid in the lymph system flows through the lymph nodes where pathogens are filter out and destroyed by the associated immune system.  These nodes often get inflamed when they get overloaded with pathogens.  They are also well known to filter out cancer cells that are floating freely in the lymph fluid.  This is why surgical removal of the cancer-cell loaded nodes is often done in an attempt to slow the progress of the cancer. 


Can the lymph system be targeted by ozone therapy?  There is a reasonable possible approach.  It is based on a special feature of the intestinal system.  When the food is digested in the intestine, fats, such as olive oil, go directly into the lymph system and not into the portal vein.  It is quite feasible to bubble ozone through olive oil creating highly oxidative peroxides in the oil.  If this oil is consumed orally, it will go directly into the lymph system and be circulated through the nodes.  This happens only during exercise since the lymph system has no pump like the heart.  Instead it is pumped solely by physical motion, such as exercise.  Thus, the combination of ozone-treated olive oil and exercise could result in both the pathogens and cancer cells filtered out in the lymph nodes being destroyed by the peroxides in the treated olive oil.

This is a new concept never tested, but properly designed; it should help reduce the spread of both. 


Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3), Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2)
Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) & Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

  Sodium Chlorate (NaClO3), Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2), Sodium Hypochlorite (NaClO) & Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) all are potent oxidizers that can be considered as a substitute for ozone with the potential of treating all the diseases found to be treatable with ozone.  The set provides a selection of a range of oxidation activities that can be capitalized on as needed which could extend beyond the capability of ozone.   To start with, they are all commercially available in stable water solutions.   There is no need for an expensive machine such as an ozone generator.  They are sold in water solutions because dissolving them in water makes them stable and safe to handle.  That is exactly the state you want them in as a starting position for the treatment protocol.  Each will require its own specific protocol depending on the circumstances.  A dilute solution of the most oxidizing molecule, NaClO3, may be required for the most resistant pathogens while for more mild infections a dilute solution of the least oxidizing, and safest molecules, NaClO and H2O2 might be sufficient.  In some circumstances cost and availability may be the deciding criteria, in which case NaClO could be the best available choice.  It is the oxidant in standard bleach such as Clorox.

  Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2)

Sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) is often referred to as The Miracle Mineral Supplement, a name coined by Jim V. Humble who discovered its profound health benefits when leading a gold mining expedition in South America.  Some of his crew caught malaria.  They were at least 5 days from any help and had not bought malaria medication with them because they had been told the area was not infected with malaria.  Jim was faced with a potentially fatal disease of his men if untreated, and no standard, tested treatment was available.  The only possible treatment was the water sterilization solution they had brought with them.  He/they decided to try it, carefully.  As you can read about on his web page and in his books, the results were dramatic.  The sequence of events thereafter are described on his web page and in his books.  It continued to arrest malaria and many other diseases first in South America and later in Africa.  At the time of his writing the book he claims more than 75,000 people had been treated successfully with no deaths.  This is one important similarity to experience with ozone treatments.  It has entered the world of alternative medicine but has not been accepted by conventional medicine.  This is due to a combination of the lack of expensive, standardized treatment tests, and a lack of understanding of its mechanism.  I had a long phone conversation with Jim Humble several months ago and volunteered to try to solve one of these obstacles by creating an understanding of its mechanism.  He said he would be delighted if I did that. 

The explanation for the success is the same as that for ozone.  Fortunately, the only method of taking it is orally, which as discussed for ozone, is the most potent method. It leads directly to the intestine and the portal vein.  From there it is on to the liver where it kills the pathogens that are filtered out there.

  Jim Humble has designed a specific protocol for its use.  It is presented in his books, one of which can be downloaded from the internet.  It involves preparing two standard solutions, one an approximately 30% solution of sodium chlorite in water and the other an approximately 5% solution of citric acid in water.  These solutions can be purchased on the internet if you are uncomfortable making your own.  You pour approximately a teaspoon of the citric acid solution into a glass and add the sodium chlorite solution from an eyedropper, one drop at a time.  One also has an easy adjustment for potency.  You just count the drops.  You then drink it, washing it down with water.  At this point it is up to the individual to identify the best dose for his/her problem.  It can vary anywhere from 1 up to more than 20 drops.  Initially Jim used apple cider vinegar but later discovered that a dilute citric acid solution gave better results.

  The citric acid is a weak acid and its solution serves the purpose of weakly acidifying the sodium chlorite solution.  This will switch on the oxidative capacity of the solution by converting it from the stable sodium salt to the highly oxidizing and unstable chlorous acid (HClO2).  The citric acid may be more potent than the acetic acid (vinegar) because it has three acid, (-OH) groups on each molecule while acetic acid has only one.  It may also play an important role as a buffer in the stomach and possibly assist the transport across the intestinal wall into the portal vein.   The only solid evidence of its improved performance is that Jim said it is better and he has more experience with the protocol than anyone else.  As I have discussed in the ozone section, there may be a need to adequately buffer the solution to protect against the impact of stomach acid.  Thus, this approach might be improved by adding a small amount of baking soda to the initial solution as suggested for the oral ozone treatment.

  Specific protocols for the other oxidants have not been developed but one would expect they would involve something very similar.  They all should be approached carefully with safety foremost in mind.

  I found doing this analysis an exciting adventure and hope it is helpful at many levels.