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Autism continued

UPDATE 10/01

From Windy (& Daniel) Frye
Subject: Mineral Baths
Received: 10/19/01 9:40 AM
From: Daniel Frye,

Hello Mr. Gregg!

I need to get this letter to you to post to the web site as soon as possible! We are experiencing some major, positive changes in James in the last couple of days and after talking with you I know why and how!
As you know (as explained in my previous postings) I have always believed the root of James's developmental challenges have been an error of his metabolism. Particularity a phenol sulphur transferase deficiency.
As I noted before MSM is doing wonders for him. However, another problem exists. He will not take pills. Due to his unbalanced diet and need for supplements, it has always been a challenge to get the nutrients into him that he so desperately needs.

Well, we know DMSO is a fantastic transdermal application process, which we used for human synthetic secretin (which we later found the benefits for were actually from the DMSO) so I am up on the "through the skin" theory of getting nutrients in.

We have tried some colloidal supplements and still wonder if his digestive process is actually effective enough to distribute the properties of those minerals also......

HOWEVER.....I had a major brain storm the other night. I was waiting for a prescription at the local Walgreen Drug store and was browsing the cosmetic section when I noticed some bath salts on sale. I looked at the ingredient list and just about fell over......being a big fan of sulphur products you can imagine my shock. The ingredients included sulphur, magnesium sulfate, lithium chloride, potassium iodide, real lavender essential oil etc.

Being a big fan of sulphur - and remembering the epsom salt baths other parents have done with their kids to relieve a phenol sulphur transferase deficiency I snatched up a couple of bottles (two for one sale!)
I gave both my kids a bath that night and they slept like logs all night long....

in the morning imagine my surprise when I went to get James dressed for school AND HE HAS DRESSED HIMSELF......

He is talking up a storm, calm, HAPPY, NOT SWEATING AT NIGHT, does not have a stuffy nose today, TALKING LOGICALLY AND MORE CONVERSATIONALLY, etc. etc. etc. etc.
After two days (and baths) I have noticed enough of a difference to realize that the bath salts are delivering the minerals directly through the skin to his blood stream. As we discussed, the lithium chloride - the natural version of the anti-depressive - is probably the item other then the sulphur that is doing the most good other then the sulphur.

I am intensively interested in perusing this whole theory more closely. I need your help in breaking down the mineral compositition and being more aggressive about the kind of salts to use..I like the idea of Dead Sea Salts and Montmorillonite. I can't use the SPARX in the tub because of a severe egg allergy (class 4 per the mayo clinic).

Please let other parents know about this. The brand is Queen Helene and it is the BATHERAPY bath salts.
P.S> our bathroom smells like a sulphur hot bath! A lot like Yellowstone Park!


Proposed Root Cause of Autism
Is there a root cause of autism that appears to have gone unrecognized? I am going to propose such a cause and its mechanism that makes sense to me. It identifies an apparent primary cause and also a prevention/treatment approach.

My "insight" was triggered by the latest book I am reading: "Microbiology - Principles and Explorations" by Jacquelyn G. Black, 5th Edition (2002). It is a wonderfully penetrating book that digs deeply into bacteria, fungi and virus pathogens. The part that turned the light on in my head was in chapter 20 addressing sexually transmitted diseases. Many of these can be latent in the mother and still passed on to the fetus either through the placenta or in the birth canal. It is also known that some of these can cause brain damage to particularly susceptible infants.

In particular, I would like to draw attention to Pg. 570 where she addresses Cytomegalovirus (CMV's) Infections. This group consists a widespread and diverse group of herpesviruses. An extimated 80 percent of U.S. adults carry the virus, and it can be spread by sexual intercourse. In fetuses it can be life threatening. They become infected by viruses that cross the placenta from infected mothers. Both fetuses and neonates are dependent on maternal defenses (maternal antibodies) because their immune defenses are too immature to deal with the viruses. Such maternal provided immune defenses can be strengthened by breast feeding. When this defense system fails, it can result in brain damage or death. Tests for maternal antibody levels are available, but the measurements are rarely made.

The Theory:

Let us suppose the baby is seriously infected by CMV, fully challenging his and his mother's provided immune defenses. Then, add the MMR vaccine. This is an attenuated, live virus vaccination. The vaccination challenges the already fully challenged immune system beyond its capability to respond effectively. As a result, both the CMV and the MMR viruses get out of control. The MMR viruses alter the duodenal cells so that they no longer can produce secretin. This results in serious intestinal damage, commonly observed in autistic children, as already discussed in this web page. It is also observed that the stools of such children contain a large fraction of undigested food, indicating insufficient absorption of nutrition.

The resulting lack of nutrition not only starves the developing brain, but is also starves the immune system that is attempting to deal with the multiple virus attack. Thus, the attack by a combination of at least two different viruses, each making the other more resistant to an immune response, is the proposed cause of autism. In time the child's immune system may get the viruses under better control, but only after considerable damage has been done.

I bring up CMV as only one example. It could be another virus with similar characteristics. However, CMV has the characteristic of being known to cause brain damage. Others could also. It is also known to be highly prevalent in the U.S. population, and is sexually transmitted. This could explain the relatively recent large increase of reported cases of autism. It could be a result of a more sexually liberal society coupled with working mothers doing less breast feeding. Identifying CMV and not MMR as the primary cause of brain damage could explain why some children don't have the intestinal disorder but are still autistic. The CMV did its damage and did not need the support of the MMR damaging the digestive system.

What to do/Suggestions:

  1. Test for the virus antibodies in the mother. If found, delay vaccinations until the child's immune system is strong enough.

  2. Breast feed.

  3. For children with a serious intestinal disorder, detect it as early as possible. One detection method is to look for undigested food in the stools. If found, the only way I know of to correct this disorder if to feed the child pig duodenum powder, as described on my product web page. It should result in greatly improved nutritional uptake. If detected early enough, damage from both viruses will be minimized. My dream is that this will provide a treatment that will arrest the development of autism early, before serious damage is done.

  4. Antivirus treatments/drugs: If a herpes virus does play the critical role suggested here, an anti-herpes virus treatment could be considered. For this role, one could consider L-Lysine which is an non-prescription amino acid that has been used for years to control herpes simplex by many people. It has the advantage of being one of the essential amino acids, present in all proteins, and thus presents an extremely low risk of negative side effects. In terms of specific prescription drugs, I have identified two anti-virus drugs that target herpes viruses. They are Zovirax and Valtrex. They are both described in The Physician's Desk Reference. I won't attempt to reproduce the lengthly discussion of them in that reference.

I would be interested in learning what others think of this proposed theory, and how it can be improved.

UPDATE 11/03

The proposed diet indicator/diagnostic:
How can a parent determine if the herpes theory applies to their child? It is well known that people suffering from herpes (of all types?)are not only helped by L-Lysine but they also react very negatively to Arginine. To get an indication of this, one can look at their reaction to certain foods. Some are high in lysine and low in arginine and others are high in arginine and low in lysine. An extensive listing of foods and their relative concentrations of lysine and arginine is given on the web page: Once on the web page, click on the button titled Diet & Nutrition. In every case where I have discussed this with the parents of an autistic child, they have looked and had already had discovered that their child could not tollerate the foods that are listed as high in arginine. If the theory presented above is correct, this is not only a dietary guide, but it is a diagnostic as to the root cause of their autism - a herpes (and measles) virus infection.

The First Case:
Jacqueline (5 yrs. old), daughter of Kent & Linda, email:
I was contacted by two totally devoted parents, Kent & Linda Heckenlively, of a 5 yr old autistic girl, Jackolyn. For the past four years they had explored essentially every avenue to help their daughter, with cost, personal time and travel not being an inhibiting factor. In the process they had become exceptionally knowledgeable about the many approaches for treatment being attempted/employed. However, they found only modest help for their daughter. When they read my web page, the virus theory made sense to them. As one indicator, when they looked at the food list giving the relative concentrations of lysine and arginine, they quickly discovered that the foods listed as high in arginine they had already discovered their daughter could not tolerate.
They started with using my pig duodenum powder to help normalize her digestive system and had some improvement. She was able to form some sounds requiring the use of her tongue, which she had never been able to do before. With her digestive system normalized, they thought the next logical step would be to boost her nutritional intake. To do this they added some of my broad-ranging multivitamin-mineral-etc. supplement Sparx. They also added the application of transdermal (B-12 & folic acid) vitamins in DMSO. At first she reacted very favorably, for a day. The next day she seemed to crash. I suggested that they read my web page on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Such an energy-crash sequence was commonly experienced by them. On that web page I suggested that the crash was due to the enhanced nutrition not only enhancing energy, but that increased energy caused the dormant herpes virus to wake up and start producing more herpes viruses. The virus production would then catch up and consume the entire new source of energy and beyond. The crash followed. At my suggestion, one lady with CFS tried adding lysine first (and continually) and then added high nutrition. The energy came with no crash.

I suggested that if the theory were correct, and applied to their daughter, they would have to start by inhibiting the virus and then add the nutrition to enhance energy (and mental function). It made sense to them. They discussed it with her physician, and started with one of the drugs for herpes (mentioned above) prescribed by her physician. However, their daughter was allergic to it, developing a severe rash, which went away only when they ceased using it. They switched to lysine. She had no adverse reaction to it and it was successful. Nutrition could then be added to her protocol and there was no crash. They continued with the lysine, pig duodenum powder, Sparx and transdermal vitamins. In a period of a couple of weeks she progressed more than she had in the past four years. For example, she was always unstable when she walked. She was so unstable that she could not step over anything without falling down. They had worked on this for four years with no significant change. Within a week her stability greatly increased. She was able to step over things and rise to a standing position directly from the floor.

However, she continued to have some diarrhea even though she was taking the pig duodenum powder. This should not be the case if the diarrhea was caused by duodenum not producing secretin. The pig duodenum is quite effective for mitigating that problem. So, why the diarrhea?

According to the proposed theory, the herpes virus disrupts neurological function (the brain) while the measles virus disrupts the intestine. Is it possible that the increased nutrition also caused the measles virus in the intestine to activate also? And, could this be the cause of the diarrhea? The lysine would control the herpes virus but would not control the measles virus.

At this point I decided to take the time to read a book which I had recently purchased "Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, & Toxins, Curing the Incurable" (2002) by Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD. I discovered on pg. 66 it addressed the measles virus and on pg.80 it addressed herpes viruses. Large doses of vitamin C were exceptionally successful in treating all of them. Also, it appeared that intravenous application was more effective than oral doses. I brought this to the attention of Kent and Linda. The primary difficulty is that it is difficult to get an autistic child to take large doses of anything orally and it is difficult to get them to remain still enough to perform regular intravenous injections. Kent asked if it would be reasonable to use DMSO to bring vitamin C through the skin. I told him that too much vitamin C was needed. The DMSO approach would be effective only for vitamins where small amounts were sufficient.

The Proposed Vitamin C, Lysine & Epsom Salt (CLES) Bath

After puzzling over the problem, I remembered that many people have found soaking in a bath of Epsom Salt to be generally helpful. Epsom Salt is magnesium sulfate and magnesium is an essential mineral that plays a key role in energy production. Even though the skin is highly resistant to absorption of magnesium sulfate, a bath in it exposes the entire skin area of the body to it, so even a small permeability is sufficient to allow a helpful dose to penetrate the skin and enter the blood. Could this work for vitamin C? The skin should be more permeable to it than Epsom Salt. If so, a bath in a solution of vitamin C could result in enough getting through the skin to be effective and should have the same highly beneficial effect controlling viruses characteristic of an intravenous injection of it. One could also add some lysine and Epsom Salt. Vitamin C is quite acidic so care would have to be taken to either use buffered vitamin C or neutralize the vitamin C with baking soda in a separate solution before adding it to the bath water. Otherwise the bath water would be too acidic.

When I discussed this concept with Kent it made sense to him also. At my suggestion he tried it on himself first. His bath water contained vitamin C (buffered with baking soda), a similar quantity of Epsom Salt, and a small amount of lysine. I talked to him the next day and he said he felt exceptionally good and the cold that had started the previous day was now gone. That night he gave his daughter a similar bath. Over the next two days the diarrhea she had for the previous two weeks was gone.

My interpretation is the lysine, which she not only got in the bath, but was also continuing to take orally, controlled the herpes virus. The vitamin C controlled the measles virus in the intestine while added even more control of the herpes virus (in the brain). The Epsom Salt provided some extra magnesium, which enhances metabolic energy production.

This introduces another thought. If the duodenum's inability to produce secretin is caused by ongoing measles virus activity in the intestine, the elimination/control of the virus with the bath treatment may make the secretin treatment no longer necessary. The duodenum may gradually heal and start to produce secretin again. This may also hold true for the well-known food sensitivities that most autistic children experience. They may be due to damage of the intestinal wall caused by an ongoing measles virus infection. If so, they too may be mitigated by this bath. We don't know the answers to these postulations yet.

To my knowledge this CLES bath treatment has never been tried before with an autistic child, or anyone else. However it would appear to be safe to try as long as the person is not allergic to the components and starts slowly watching for any unexpected adverse reactions. If the virus theory is correct, it should be exceptionally effective at controlling the herpes, measles and other viruses. It would be the starting point, after which nutritional approaches to enhance energy and mental function could be used while avoiding the crash.
A Caution: I attended a medical conference a few years ago where the use of large doses of vitamin C was discussed. One observation loomed out to me. Studies were done where blood samples were obtained before and during treatment and analyzed for vitamin C. Initially there was no detectable level of vitamin C and the patient tolerated large doses. As the treatment progressed, the vitamin C level in the blood increased along with the patient feeling better. However, as the patients recovered they could no longer tolerate the large doses of vitamin C. They caused diarrhea. If the bath treatment is effective, I would suspect a similar result. As a patient feels better, the baths may result in too much introduction of vitamin C, causing diarrhea.

Two weeks later: The first thing that happened Jacqueline's stools quickly got firmer until for the first time in her life they became completely normal, solid and well formed. Kent continued to give baths to her every night, which eventually led to her having diarrhea. He then backed off and the normal stools returned. He is now in the process of discovering the best ongoing protocol.
We shall see how it progresses from here.

A Prediction:
Upon further study of the above referenced book on vitamin C treatments, I feel confident the virus theory presented above is correct and am making the prediction that the CLES bath will prove to be the most effective starting point for the treatment of autism. It is the only treatment designed to address the root, combination-virus cause directly. If used early enough it should arrest the progression before significant damage is done. At any stage it should allow sequential treatment approaches to be more effective in reversing the damage already done. Without it, such treatment approaches will be attempting to overcome the active vital infections that caused the initial autism. It has the unique feature of being easily applied at any age, even to babies. In such cases specific protocols and monitors will have to be developed since autistic children cannot communicate verbally.

Potential Additional Applications:
If this discovery is found to be reproducible by others, validating its credibility, it has numerous potential applications. It should apply to the many additional diseases addressed in the Vitamin C book referenced above. In addition I personally have arrived at the conclusion that such viruses could have a causal relationship with other diseases such as Arteriosclerosis, Heart Irregularities, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's Disease, Lupus, Lyme's Disease (contributing factor), Cancer & possibly even Alzheimer's Disease. If this is true, this simple, safe and inexpensive bath treatment could have truly profound implications.

An example: AIDS
The treatment of AIDS with vitamin C is thoroughly addressed in the above referenced book on Vitamin C (pg 92). The results are truly profound where large doses of vitamin C have been repeatedly effective in arresting and even reversing AIDS. A significant aspect to this is the use of large doses of intravenous vitamin C. This allows the use of far larger doses than can be administered orally, which are limited by the onset of diarrhea. A particularly interesting point is made on pg. 99 that the vitamin C is not only toxic to infected cells but it also appears to inhibit the replication of the viral DNA. It thus works to stop the disease at its origin - encouraging it to remain dormant. This feature would explain the broad ranging effectiveness against viral diseases presented in the rest of the book. The CLES bath should be as effective as any intravenous treatment. The bath concentration and time of soaking can be adjusted to achieve any result. Thus the CLES bath should represent an equally profound breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS. Consistent with this I would like to refer the reader to the book "The Virus Within, a Coming Epidemic" (2000) by Nicholas Regush. The results presented in this book show that the co-infection of Human Herpes Virus 6 (HHV-6) is the primary cause of the ensuing degredative process that leads to death. It is present in every case and is much more damaging/toxic to cells than HIV. There are even cases where the patients have died with the disease having all the same features common to AIDS but with no evidence of the AIDS virus, only HHV-6. This would be another explanation as to why vitamin C is so effective. As discussed earlier, it has been established on pg. 66 of the Vitamin C book that vitamin C is very effective in treating herpes viruses.

I am posting this concept at this early stage for all to consider in order to accelerate its evaluation. If is continues to have merit it could not be introduced into the main stream of autism treatment (and other diseases) too soon to stem the tide of the autism crisis in our nation.

Feedback: Email sequence with Jon Campbell ("Jon Campbell" <>

On Sunday, November 30, 2003, at 12:43 PM, Jon Campbell wrote:

Dr. Gregg,

One of my AIDS clients just sent me a link to your website, and the theory makes sense (I am not a doctor, but a self-educated health researcher with some formal training in chemistry and physics). I was especially intrigued by the story of the woman who stopped her herpes outbreak with massive doses of lysine.

Lysine inhibits viral replication because it is a protease inhibitor - viruses (and cancer) use protease enzymes to replicate, and lysine (and proline) in large amounts in body fluids create decoys for the protease molecules, neutralizing the protease so that it cannot affect living tissue (e.g., collagen, which is primarily composed of hydrolyzed lysine and proline). This is from the work of Matthias Rath; you can find the data at his research website: (Rath was the first to find the protease connection to disease in 1991; from this discovery the pharmaceutical industry began producing expensive, synthetic amino-acid-like protease inhibitors for AIDS [of course] instead of promoting the use of the cheap, natural amino acids lysine and proline.)

Your research and hypotheses of oxygen transport and the possible viral cause of fibromyalgia, combined with Rath's protease inhibition research, provide a potentially powerful treatment for a number of dreaded and deadly chronic diseases.


Jonathan Campbell

Response Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 9:19 PM


Thank you for your very informative email. I did not know the mechanism for lysine inhibiting viruses. I will take close look at your referenced web page for the work of Matthias Rath. There is so much to learn in this field I missed his work on the virus mechanism. It is interesting to note that the book I reference on vitamin C would indicate than vitamin C by itself has a similar, profound virus inhibiting mechanism. It might even broader ranging than lysine. This does make the combination of lysine and vitamin C look like rather good partners for that task. I wonder if the two inhibiting mechanisms are related.


On Sunday, November 30, 2003, at 07:10 PM, Jon Campbell wrote:


Thanks for your reply. I did forget to mention that there is an interaction between vitamin C and lysine/proline; specifically that collagen (and probably other connective tissue and the exterior matrix around cells in general) is formed by lysine and proline becoming hydroxylated by vitamin C. This interaction was the basis of Rath and Pauling's breakthrough discovery of the root cause of cardiovascular disease, and it was in the context of this research (at Pauling Institute) that Rath discovered the protease-disease connection and the hypothesis that vitamin C and lysine together could stop some disease processes.

Rath found most recently that when these three (vitamin C, lysine, proline) are combined with one of the phenolic compounds in green tea (a selective chemotherapeutic agent), that the combination stops cancer cells from attacking a collagen matrix in vitro - repeatability in the laboratory. This combination is now being successfully used by cancer patients to physically stop cancer. This then gives the body the opportunity to kill the cancerous cells (and the green tea appears to cause apoptosis of cancer cells as well).

The application of this technique to stop viral replication is touched upon in Rath's book on cancer, which is available by free download at the website I cited in my previous message, and also at the website devoted specifically to cancer:

It would be interesting to find out how/if increased oxygen transport (from MSM) might affect the success of Rath's approach.



Response Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 8:53 AM


I just picked up this email. I would like your permission to add it also to my web page.


Date: Mon, 1Dec2003 21:11:13


By all means take and reprint whatever you feel appropriate from my emails. This kind of information is never, and should be never, proprietary. Rath's work is extraordinary, and in a different kind of world he would have earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine. He is relegated and marginalized by the medical establishment and the pharma companies to sell integrated vitamin combinations to support his very modest research facility. He is a one-man dynamo, bringing the struggle against the pharma companies to the International Criminal Court. He convinced enough delegates to the Codex Alimentarius meetings to stop what was eventually to become a worldwide ban of nutritional supplements for use against disease (see

Your contribution is important; it completes the hypotheses of Thomas Levy (author of Vitamin C, Infections, Diseases, and Toxins - Curing the Incurable) and others who have found that vitamin C (and other antioxidants) effectively stopped oxidative stress.

You may also excerpt or link to my web pages for cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular disease, etc: is my home page.



UPDATE 12/03

Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatments and CLES bath implications: I have just learned more about a treatment I had heard was successful in some cases, Intravenous Immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatments. Immunoglobulin boosts the immune system and thus treats a broad range of viruses. This is a very new treatment approach with little published about it so far, but appears to have a high success rate. Kent checked into it for his daughter. The treatment protocol used by the doctor he contacted consisted of 5-6 intravenous injections spaced one month apart (at a cost of approximately $5,000 each). A six-month treatment protocol.

This answers many questions. It is very early in the use of the treatment, but I will state the questions it answers for me and its implications for the CLES bath.

  1. It supports the premise that the root cause of autism is a chronic viral infection.

  2. I have wondered why the measles virus infection is chronic. The measles virus is a RNA virus. All retrovirus are RNA viruses but not all RNA viruses are retroviruses. A retrovirus creates a DNA template, which then is inserted in the cell's genome. Thereafter the genetic structure of the cell itself provides the template to continually produce the RNA of the virus and thus more viruses. I have long suspected that even though the measles virus does not always act as a retrovirus, there may have been a mutation that has taken place in some that has converted them into a retrovirus. This explains the chronic nature of the viral infection. If this has happened, the only treatment is to eliminate the infected cells. The only treatment I can think of to accomplish this is to start by eliminating/deactivating the active viruses continually, as they are produced, to prevent them from infecting more cells. If this process is sustained long enough, the infected cells will eventually die off, leaving only healthy cells. This explains why the sustained IVIG treatments over several months are required. It is also very encouraging because it demonstrates that this approach will be effective. There are healthy cells that will produce more healthy cells to replace the infected ones as long as they are not infected by more viruses.

    The retrovirus theory could explain how the measles virus could have caused genetic damage that has disrupted the duodenal cells ability to produce secretin. If the virus DNA template is inserted in just the wrong place in the cells genetic structure, the genes that are responsible for producing the system that produces secretin might be deactivated.

  3. This has implications for the CLES bath. If it is effective at controlling the viruses, as postulated, a sustained use of it over approximately six months has a chance at producing the same result - a permanent elimination of the measles infection in the intestine. However, it also means that such a sustained treatment approach will be required.

I personally don't have the capability to demonstrate this since I am not a medical doctor and do not treat patients. I thus can only hope that someone who does treat autistic children will attempt to evaluate the CLES bath concept. If it is effective it could provide a far less expensive and more readily available treatment option than the IVIG treatment.


An unexpected result from the CLES bath: She recovered her hearing!

From: "Vickie Bockenkamp"
Date: Mon Feb 2, 2004 12:50:53 PM US/Pacific
Subject: CLES Bath update and my hearing loss correction


Back in 1992 I had surgery to correct a hearing loss in my left ear. I was an outpatient at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, CA, and was assured that there would be no side affects to this day surgery and would be feeling fine by the time I left the hospital at the end of the day. Imagine my disappointment after the surgery when every time I moved my head I vomited! My doctor would not discharge me--it was soon discovered that I could not walk, and my equilibrium was just totally off. I was finally discharged after three days when the nurse propped me up in a chair, per my husband's request. "A hospital was no place to get well!" I still could not walk on my own, and was crawling on my hands and knees for three weeks. I was off work for over six weeks, and when I was able to walk again without a wall for support, I had an 85 to 90% hearing loss in that ear! I was devastated, but learned to live with it. When going back to have my hearing checked my doctor told me he really didn't know what happened--this surgery had a 98% success rate and I was the 2% it did not work for--his only theory was that I may have had a virus that was dormant in my system and it had settled in my left ear--far fetched, possibly--but we never really knew. It has continued over the years to cause me distress. It seems to always be full of fluid and many times painful, but when having it checked repeatedly, was told everything was fine. I just now had a permanent hearing loss in my left ear and was told to take good care of my right ear. I was also left with Tinnitus and told that I would get used to it after a while--I use the Tinnitus as a stress gauge to this day--when I ear starts ringing at a louder tone, I know I have pushed myself too far and back off on my activities and the tone drops dramatically--I have never gotten use to it after 12 years.

After reviewing your information on your website under "Autism" and the CLES bath, I tried a variation of this on myself. After talking to Kent Heckenlively about the CLES bath and the results with his daughter, I had lost my voice and was about to cancel out on a very important project. I thought, "Hey, why not try this bath and see if I feel a bit better?" When searching for the Epsom Salt at Longs drugs I became discouraged because of my general fatigue, and purchased the "Queene Helene" Batherapy bath liquid. (Like Epsom Salt, its primary salt is magnesium sulfate) I crushed 4000 mg of Vitamin C with 1000 mg of L-Lysine and added it to a tub of water with 2 oz's of the Queene Helene Batherapy liquid. I crawled in the tub for about 45 minutes to an hour--long enough to get into a good book! It was very relaxing and not uncomfortable at all. Imagine my amazement when I got out of the tub and went to get into bed and said to my husband, "my body feels kind of tingly, but...." then I stopped as he looked at me in amazement--my voice was back! My eyes began to water and my nose began to run non-stop for almost an hour and a half but I could talk. (My husband said, "oh no, quiet time is over!")

The next day this ailment that I had was now in my eyes and I was still terribly congested. I decided to kick the CLES bath up a notch, so I did 2oz of the Queene Helene batherapy liquid, 8000 mg of vitamin C and 2000 mg of L-Lysine--again I soaked for about 45 minutes to an hour. Again the response was one of instant congestion relief, and again I slept well. The following morning I felt okay and went to work. By mid day I was starting to slow down and decided to go home and take a little nap. Well, I woke from the nap feeling a general body ache with flu like symptoms, aching all over and generally sluggish. I decided to do another bath, and this time I used another 2 oz of the Queene Helene batherapy liquid, 10,000 mg of Vitamin C and 3000 of L-Lysine. After my afternoon bath, I just wanted to sleep and went in and lay down for another nap--my husband came in and was talking on the phone, and I ask him to quiet down. I then commented that there was a humming sound coming from the TV. My husband then came in the room and ask me what was wrong, and why was I so sensitive all of a sudden. As I rolled over on my pillow it occurred to me that I could hear the sound of the pillow case on my ear and the side of my head. My hearing had been restored--within a few hours of taking the CLES bath. I have trying to adjust to my new found hearing over the past few days, and it has been a bit overwhelming at times. I woke this morning to the sound of the rain and could hardly believe it. My ears are still full of fluid, and I am still congested from whatever was moving through my system, but I can hear the dial tone on the phone in my left ear, something I could not do for years, and I can hear someone talking on my left side. I cannot tell you how many times over the years people have said to me, "what's the matter with you, are you deaf?" In the line at the grocery store when someone is trying to talk to me and I cannot hear them, or at an airport. I did not have an "out of order" sign on my left ear--so people did not realize that I had a hearing loss.

We also discussed the possibility of adding a low dose of zinc to the mixture and so I tried another bath with the Queene Helene batherapy, 10,000 mg of Vitamin C and 3000 of L-lysine with 50 mg of zinc. I could not sleep that night and felt like I had the energy of Wonderwoman. My left ear starting ringing at a very high frequency and I attempted to drowned out the sound by leaving the TV on all night and louder than normal--it was terrible. After finally falling asleep at around 3:30AM--I woke around 6:00AM and the ringing had subsided substantially. (I would not recommend this combination for anyone with Tinnitus!)

My point to this whole story is that if there is a connection with nutrition and dormant virus's in the system, whether it has settled in the gut, or as in my case, in my left ear--this may be a very viable treatment. I contacted one of my clients who has an autistic son, who has been having major behavioral management issues with him after doing an AIT (sound therapy program) over the holidays. The practioners comments where that sometimes that happened, so what do we do about about? It appeared as though nothing. I ask her to try the CLES bath with her son, and she came in to report that he was far calmer and more settled after doing the bath. We are going to continue with the baths three times a week to see what affect this will have on him, and I will keep you posted.

Vickie Bockenkamp
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A report from a mother using Pig Duodenum Powder (PDP) as a source of secretin for her autistic son.

From Aldrene in Hawaii
Aldrene has an eight-year-old autistic son and has recently explored using pig duodenum powder (PDP) as a source of secretin - starting in November 2003. In the past she had success first using an intravenous source and then a trans=dermal source and both have now become unavailable. She found them to be very effective in helping her son. When they became unavailable and her doctor had no replacement, she decided to try the PDP offered on my product page. She discovered that it was equivalently effective after she developed a protocol that was right for him.

Her Successful Protocol: She stirred the PDP into applesauce and fed it to him three times a day. Once in the morning before breakfast, once after school, and once in the evening before bed along with a fruit snack. She started with a measured tablespoon full of PDP for each serving. However she found that it made him a bit hyper. She then reduced it to 1/2 a measured tablespoon of PDP for each serving and it seemed about right. It kept him stable. She said if she missed even one serving his behavior became "spacey".

At the rate she was using the PDP, one container lasted her about three months. Thus, her cost was about $20/month.

UPDATE 7/26/04

An email from another mother using Pig Duodenum Powder (PDP) as a source of secretin for her autistic son.

Dear Dr. Gregg,

Just thought I would share a little of what I observed with Duncan following the administration of PDS (pig duodenal substance).

A little history:

Duncan is 10 years old. He was diagnosed with autism when he was almost 5 years old. We have tried to follow the DAN protocol and eventually hooked up with Dr. Green.

We have been seeing Dr. John A. Green III in Oregon City, Oregon since August of 2002. He offered Secretin injections (IV), which we tried. The biggest benefit we noticed was that Duncan started sleeping all night on a regular basis. This seemed to be the case for approx. 5 weeks, at which time Duncan would begin waking in the night again. We continued the injections every 1-2 months, as we were able until December of 2003. In January of 2004 I told Dr. Green that we hadn't been getting the same results the past 2 months (Duncan sleeping all night) that we previously had gotten with the Secretin. He informed me that the porcine-type of Secretin had become unavailable starting in November of 2003 and they had been using synthetic Secretin. We discontinued the IV Secretin because we felt the benefit we observed wasn't there anymore. Dr. Green suggested that there was another type of Secretin available (via pig duodenum) that seemed helpful to some, and shared David Gregg's phone number. I purchased a bottle of the PDS to try.

February 2004:

Dose: I wasn't sure how much or how to administer the PDS. So I tried different things, starting with the suggestions on the Krysalis web page. I started with 1/2 T (1-1/2 teaspoons) per meal. After 2 days Duncan became so energetic (a little hyper) I decided to cut back on the dose. After much experimentation we found that 1/4 tsp. per meal was about right. More than that seemed to get him a little "too happy". He did begin sleeping at night again (within 2 days) and I noticed the consistency of his stools changed (within one day) to be much more compact and slightly darker. In the following 2-3 weeks Duncan's teacher made the remark that Duncan seems to be "whipping through" his school work. She usually has had to prompt and redirect in protracted sessions to get him to finish his math and spelling. Now he was finishing before everyone else. She was not aware that I had changed anything at home.

We have continued to enjoy the benefits of the PDS. Duncan does still have some difficulty with dysbiosis, but the fact that his toileting is much more regular, he's sleeping at night and continuing to demonstrate his learning ability better has made me a believer that the PDS is a positive contribution to his gut and his brain!

Note: I do not heat up the PDS. I store the big bottle in a deep freeze and take out a small Tupperware amount at a time. I keep this smaller container in my freezer in the kitchen and get my doses for each meal out of that. I use a packed _ tsp. and mix it with coconut butter (at room temp. this has a consistency of shortening) I have to kind of "smoosh" it around to get it completely mixed and then I have Duncan take it. The coconut butter kind of masks the flavor of the PDS briefly. He drinks lots of water or diluted juice following that to get it down. He doesn't particularly like it, but he is very cooperative about taking it.

I hope this is useful information. I appreciate the opportunity to try the PDS. Thank-you!

Sandi Frood

P.S. David you are welcome to share the above with others on your web page if you're interested in doing so. My e-mail is if there are further questions.

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