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August 2001


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This paper is for information only. It represents the observations, views and opinions of the author, but is not a recommendation for treatment. Anyone reading it should consult his/her physician before considering treatment.

The Governing Theory

Chronic Fatigue is caused by restricted aerobic metabolism, the primary source of energy for almost all normal cells. This not only reduces available cellular energy, but it also promotes excess anaerobic metabolism. The reduced cellular energy translates into reduced body energy. The resulting excess anaerobic metabolism results in the production of excess lactic acid. This lactic acid is what causes the muscle pain associated with Fibromyalgia. This explains why these two diseases, which are always found together, are considered to be different faces of the same disease. However, the biochemical explanation has not been presented before. As an expansion of this explanation, when a cell metabolizes one molecule of glucose by anaerobic metabolism (not using oxygen) it produces two ATP molecules, the currency of energy in the cells. However, when one molecule of glucose is metabolized aerobically (uses oxygen) it produces thirty-six ATP molecules. The product from anaerobic metabolism is lactic acid, which goes on to create muscle pain. The products from aerobic metabolism are carbon dioxide and water, which obviously present no problem at all.

It explains why the sufferers commonly experience that whenever they find enough energy to do something active, they pay by being bed ridden for many days in pain and without energy. Since aerobic metabolism is highly restricted, the excess activity can be energized only by added anaerobic metabolism, producing a dramatic increase in lactic acid. This causes greatly increased muscular pain, and further reduced energy. It then takes many days to clear the muscles of the excess lactic acid and thus the pain. Athletes commonly experience this reversion to anaerobic metabolism when they push themselves to the limit. With extreme exertion, the muscle cells first use up all available oxygen. They are consuming it faster than the circulatory system can supply it. When the oxygen supply runs out, the cells revert to anaerobic metabolism, which can only last for a bit of extra energy before the buildup of lactic acid shuts them down. It also results in muscle pain that can last for several days.

The solution/cure is to enhance aerobic metabolism. This will not only increase cellular energy, solving Chronic Fatigue, but it will also stop the production of excess lactic acid, eliminating Fibromyalgia. A dietary/nutritional approach to accomplish enhanced aerobic metabolism has been addressed in my web page on cancer:  Strangely enough, cancer seems to be caused by anaerobic metabolism also. Thus, I conclude that a similar approach to that addressing cancer should also be effective here. One might ask why cancer in one case and chronic fatigue in another? It appears that additional unidentified features cause this anaerobic metabolism to be expressed as chronic fatigue, cancer, schizophrenia, etc. However, so far it appears that, with the right "nutritional" approach, it is not only possible to cause the cells to revert back to aerobic metabolism, but this also results in a common solution for all of these diseases.
The basic concept is to analyze each step in aerobic metabolism and identify the nutrients that will stimulate that step. Once that is done, they should all be consumed together to stimulate all the steps at the same time. I call this the "shotgun" approach. It is impossible to know exactly which steps are blocked in advance, so the answer is simple, stimulate them all. There is no damage that results from adding additional nutrients for steps that are not blocked. It just makes them operate a little better. With reasonable use of nutrients, there is no risk of a toxic reaction. Everything works towards further enhancing general health. As will be shown, this rather simple guidance provided by the theory can produce profound results.

Three basic stages in aerobic metabolism

Oxygen Transport: The first is oxygen transport to the cells. This is normally accomplished by hemoglobin in the blood. Without going into too much detail here, this mode of oxygen transport can become insufficient. However, it can be greatly supplemented by adding molecules that can also transport oxygen to the cells, in addition to and independent of the hemoglobin. Some of these have been identified on my cancer web page and include using high doses of vitamin C and/or, MSM, DMSO, and even green tea extract. It would appear that this is a critical step to enhance for both cancer and chronic fatigue, but not the only one.

The Respiratory Chain: This is where oxygen is reacted with available hydrogen to produce water and it is where most of the energy is produced. It produces 33 out of the 36 ATP's produced by the aerobic metabolism of one glucose molecule. The available hydrogen is provided by the Citric Acid Cycle, which releases the carbon dioxide. Vitamin B12, folic acid and coenzyme Q10 play a key role in the Respiratory Chain.

The Citric Acid (Kreb's) Cycle:. This is where pyruvate, the product of first, anaerobic step, is processed to produce a number of essential biochemicals while providing the available hydrogen (as NADH & FADH2) to the Respiratory Chain. In the process it releases the carbon atoms in the glucose as carbon dioxide. This step consists of many individual steps, which are stimulated at different stages by a variety of vitamins, and essential minerals.

Supporting Evidence

There is a mountain of published information about the effect of various dietary supplements on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, which has provided moderate help for some. There is little doubt that once a cell becomes anaerobic in its metabolism it can no longer maintain normal cell chemistry and a wide variety of cell chemistry disorders will be expressed. Any number of dietary supplements and diets are likely to help. This is fully consistent with the theory presented here. However, it is too massive a task to attempt to summarize all such reports here. This very understandable theory is intended to provide a framework to pull it all together and provide direction for a more effective approach. With this preamble I would like to identify just two reports that I found particularly appropriate.

"The Miracle of MSM" by S. Jacob et. al., G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1999. This book presents a summation of a large amount of research, primarily by Dr. Jacob, that identifies the benefits of both MSM and DMSO. MSM is simply an oxidized form of DMSO and is made from DMSO by exposing it to oxygen. They both have very similar biochemical effects. Chapter Nine of this book addresses the effect of MSM on Fibromyalgia. Dr. Jacob presents case histories where it was found that large doses of MSM could not only reduce the pain of fibromyalgia, but even eliminate it in some cases. The patient reports also indicate that the chronic fatigue was reduced or eliminated at the same time. The dose levels for the three successful case histories presented were five, ten and thirty grams per day. Each individual discovered their right dose by themselves.

How does this relate to the theory presented here? Several years ago I was trying to better understand DMSO and its sub-molecules, MSM and dimethyl sulfide. DMSO has one oxygen on the sulfur atom, MSM has two, and dimethylsulfide has none. They are all in equilibrium with each other in the body. I suddenly realized that this equilibrium system could serve as an oxygen transport system, and that could explain the observed wide-ranging benefits of both DMSO and MSM. This oxygen transport capability could equal or exceed that of a person's hemoglobin, enhancing it or even substituting for the lack of it (in the case of cancer cells). I wrote this up as a web page At some later date, Dr. Jacob discovered it and was kind enough to phone me and congratulate me on the new insight. This relates directly to the theory presented here. The large doses of MSM automatically form an equilibrium concentration of DMSO in the body. The two then operate together to greatly enhance the oxygen transport from the lungs to the cells. This increased oxygen availability causes/allows the muscle cells to revert from the damaging anaerobic metabolism back to the beneficial aerobic metabolism. This increases cellular and body energy while stopping the production of lactic acid. Thus, chronic fatigue is resolved along with fibromyalgia.

Chronic Fatigue and Lactic Acid Buildup: The following information was supplied as a handout at the 7 November (2000) talk given by Professor Gary Scroop at the AGM of the ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society of Victoria Inc. Dr. Scroop is a member of the Adelaide Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Group, Department of Physiology, University of Adelaide, SA (Southern Australia) 5005 A copy of this handout was provided to me by Florence Such, email:

In this talk/handout, Dr. Scroop described their experiments with CFS patients with a cycle exercise test. Briefly, they discovered that using this exercise test, blood tests for CFS patients showed a distinct abnormal lactate response. The CFS patients released more lactic acid into the blood than the healthy control subjects sometimes twice as much. He also states that there is a well-established role of lactic acid as a cause of fatigue in healthy people. He then went on to suggest that this would provide a good test for CFS, which seemed to be his primary initial purpose.

These results present critically important evidence supporting the theory presented here. It provides measurements supporting the predicted buildup of lactic acid, which the theory predicts to be an unavoidable consequence of anaerobic metabolism. Also, it is the only known biochemical source of lactic acid. Thus, the measurements are vital, if not conclusive, evidence of the theory's validity. The theory also claims that this lactic acid buildup is the cause of the pain of fibromyalgia. Dr. Scroop did not address this aspect in his handout.

Proposed Dietary Supplement Approach

The proposed approach is to provide a complete set of dietary supplements that support/stimulate every step of aerobic metabolism at the same time. This is the same approach I suggested for treating cancer. On my cancer web page,, I sequenced through each step of aerobic metabolism, identifying supporting nutrients. I recognize that my list is not complete, but it was a first sweep. Upon completing this, I realized that most of the nutrients were already in a broad range dietary supplement, Sparx that I had designed and produced as a general baseline supplement. However, it did not contain a few additional oxygen transport ingredients that I thought were important for converting anaerobic metabolism back to aerobic metabolism. I also thought that people with the problem might find it helpful to significantly increase some of the supplements without risking going toxic on others. With this in mind I designed another supplement, Aerobic Boost as a partner to Sparx. In addition, based on antidotal cancer information, I thought some would want to supplement further yet with additional vitamin C and MSM to maximize oxygen transport during critical periods. There are reports that many people (especially those with CFS) are particularly deficient in and responsive to vitamin B12. Thus, adding shots or a transdermal application of a B12 formulation could contribute even further. If this theory is correct, this same basic approach should also help with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

Email from Florence Such, August 16, 2001

From: florence such,
To: David Gregg,

As you requested, I am sending you this email summarizing my background with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and the results of your proposed approach to date.

I am Florence Such at - Support Contact for persons who suffer with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

I have been ill with these diseases for 14 years and under the care of several physicians and have tried intense, varied protocols to try to get well; all to no avail, except for small periods of a little better functioning and then big relapses. During this period I have learned a great deal regarding nutrients and the impact they have to aid the body in healing itself. Drugs all have side effects and keep you in a cycle of "trading off one illness for another". I have thus suffered much pain as well as sleepless nights and many infections in order to do the best I could to avoid drugs. I don't take any prescription pain medications, only an occasional nonprescription pain medication.

Next I discovered I had a very low temperature. It would go down to 95.3 degrees (I knew one girl who went down to 92 degrees in a doctor's office). This tells me that the immune system was slowing down and I would have nothing to help me with the numerous infections we are encountering, unless I took drugs. Unfortunately now the hypoglycemia converted to diabetes, which compounded my problems. I now had to pace myself and try to keep active, as well as pace my food intake and exercise control regarding many aspects of my life. This is more difficult when you are energy deprived as persons are who suffer Chronic Fatigue & Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

However, with all of the unfortunate things, there is still the spirit of hope and belief that someone out there cares enough to make a difference. By trying to find help for someone suffering with Crohns Disease, I was pointed to the web site of David Gregg, Ph.D., I only wish I had found this man and his information a long time ago.

I phoned him on August 2 and in a long phone conversation, after discussing Crohn's disease, I brought up that I had CFS and Fibromyalgia. At this point he told me his theory as to the cause and potential approach that should help. Rather than reiterate what is already clearly stated in this web page, I will tell you instead, of my experience with his proposed protocol.

In that phone conversation I ordered two of his products, a container of Sparx and one of Aerobic Boost. They represented his best efforts to boost aerobic metabolism. In addition, we discussed enhancing the first stage of aerobic metabolism, the oxygen transport step, by supplementing further with both MSM and vitamin C. I thus purchased powdered forms of each. I thought I would start with them while waiting for the Sparx and Aerobic Boost to arrive in the mail. On August 5 I started with a "kitchen" teaspoon each of both MSM and vitamin C (dissolved in water). In less than an hour I noticed I was feeling warm and was perspiring. This was extremely unusual for me where I almost always feel cold. As we discussed later, this indicated that the MSM and vitamin C were transporting needed oxygen and were turning on aerobic metabolism.

I received my Sparx and Aerobic Boost on August 7 and started by adding a teaspoon of each to my existing protocol of a teaspoon of MSM and vitamin C. In less than an hour I noticed feeling warm, and was perspiring considerably more than I did with just the MSM and vitamin C. I also developed a flush, which went away in 15-20 minutes. This was probably due to the niacin in both the Sparx and the Aerobic Boost. Using all of these together appeared to be adding even more benefit. I felt very good.

Than same night, August 7, I applied a transdermal solution of vitamin B12, folic acid and a multivitamin in DMSO, to my arms. I made up the solution myself, as described on your anemia sub-web page The next morning I had no more pain at all. This is the time I usually had the most pain from my fibromyalgia. Starting that next day I decided to modify the protocol by taking the Sparx & Aerobic Boost in the morning and the MSM & vitamin C in the evening. It is now August 15 and I still have no pain at all! I even go for long walks, shopping, that would formerly cause me a great deal of pain and exhaustion and I am not exhausted and still have no pain. The severe pain in my legs, arms and back is totally gone. Also, my joints are not hurting and are not stiff any more! After 14 years of being disabled by this disease, I now have a life to look forward to!

Some other thoughts have gone through my mind. Not only is the pain relieved, but can I now be relieved of frequent illnesses due to a low functioning immune system? This includes the constant fear of these anaerobic cells becoming cancerous which seems to be common for those suffering from CFS. It seems very likely, but only time will tell.


Flo Such at Ph: (310)541-9832 

Update 1/18/02

I just talked to Florence and she told me that she developed an allergic reaction to the supplement approach and had to quit it. Her CF & FM then returned.

Update 8/03 

Why the crash after a burst of energy from aerobic enhancement?

Proposed viral cause of CFS & FM and proposed method of control/management:

I am proposing that the lack of adequate aerobic metabolism discussed above, resulting in CFS & FM, is likely due to a herpes or herpes-like virus that has taken up residency in the cells and never leaves. It then cycles between active and inactive, stressing but not killing the infected cells. Such a permanent residency of a virus is characteristic of herpes viruses (there are many). The virus, like all viruses, harnesses the cells energy to reproduce itself. In CFS, the cell, possibly as a defense, lowers its energy production, by greatly limiting aerobic metabolism, in order to limit the production of viruses. When this limitation is overridden by enhanced stimulation of aerobic metabolism with supplements, it not only increases cellular energy and personal energy, but, after a time lag, it also provides more energy for the production of more viruses. The virus production soon catches up with the increased energy production and passes it, consuming all the newly available energy and more. The person's energy crash follows. It appears that this sequence can take a number of days.

If there is no special stimulation of aerobic metabolism, and the person attempts to increase energy expenditure, the cells more rapidly revert to anaerobic metabolism, producing lactic acid, and a crash, as discussed above. This sequence can take less than a day.

The possible viral cause of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is discussed in the book "Microbiology, Principles and Explorations" by Jacquelyn G. Black, 5th Edition, 2002, pg. 668. Apparently a number of viruses have been implicated. The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) also known as human herpes virus number 4 is one. Other herpes viruses have also been implicated as well as the measles virus in some cases. The human herpes virus number 6, recently discovered as the cause of the childhood disease roseola is also a candidate.

The energy-expenditure, crash sequence has been described to me by many with CFS. When they periodically have a momentary burst of energy and use it to try to accomplish something (work in the yard, etc) they then experience a crash where they have to go to bed for several days.

The experience of Florence Such was different in that she first stimulated aerobic metabolism, increasing her cellular energy, which then lasted many days before her crash. She interpreted her crash as an allergic response. I would propose that her crash was due to increased production of the virus with the time lag being due to the time it takes for the viruses to multiply.

The proposed solution, and test of concept:

The method of increasing aerobic metabolism with significant doses of vitamin C and MSM to enhance oxygen transport and a normal intake of a multivitamin-mineral supplement such as my product Sparx to stimulate the Krebs cycle and respiratory chain (the rest of the aerobic metabolism sequence), seemed to work. It definitely stimulated aerobic metabolism and energy for a while. But then the crash eventually followed. If this theory is right, the crash being due to enhanced viral production, the remaining task is to add an appropriate virus inhibitor to the protocol. This would allow the energy increase from the supplements and prevent the crash.

Relatively recently a number of drugs have been developed to inhibit/treat a variety of virus infections, including the herpes virus. These require a prescription. However, the traditional, nonprescription treatment for herpes has been lysine. I personally know a lady who periodically has outbreaks of Cole sores on her lips. This is due to the herpes simplex virus. When she experiences the start of an outbreak she takes a large dose of lysine (many pills) the first day. She estimates up to 10-20 grams. The next day the progression of the outbreak has stopped and healing started. (She no longer takes the large doses of lysine). If she does not do this, the outbreak takes its normal course, taking a week or so to subside. She has done this for years with reproducible results.

Lysine is a commonly available supplement. It is one of the essential amino acids in almost all proteins and thus should be exceptionally inexpensive and safe to experiment with. I would thus predict that taking an appropriate dose of lysine along with the supplement approach to stimulating aerobic metabolism will allow for increased energy while avoiding the crash.

If lysine does not prevent the crash it does not mean that the theory is wrong. The particular virus may not respond to lysine but may respond to a different anti-viral drug/supplement. In which case, the other anti-viral treatment should be used along with aerobic metabolism enhancement. Two such drugs are Zovirax and Valtrex. Both are based on the antiviral drug Acyclovir that has been shown to inhibit several herpes viruses.

An additional possible diagnostic: I was told by a person who made a study of herpes for personal reasons that while lysine helped to inhibit the outbreak, the amino acid arginine did the opposite. Arginine greatly accentuated the outbreak. In fact he told me that some foods are richer in lysine, and they help, and others are richer in arginine and must be avoided. I never did get the list. However, arginine is as available as lysine as a supplement. Some with CFS may have already tried it. If the theory is right, (applies to them) I would predict that they had a significantly negative reaction to it.

I rarely come in contact with people suffering from CFS & FM so have little opportunity to test the theory. However, just recently, a woman who has the problem and wanted to try the solution contacted me. She had already tried many other proposed options that did not solve the problem for her. She told me that she also had a very negative reaction to taking arginine as a supplement. Strangely enough, I view this as a positive result. It indicates to me that the lysine may be effective. She decided that she wanted to explore this approach. I thus mailed her a container of my Sparx and a container of my Lysine & Vitamin C. She has started to use them along with enhanced Vitamin C and MSM intake. She states she feels progressively better. However, it is still too soon to draw any firm conclusions. I plan to provide updates as she provides them.

Even though it is still very early in the test, I thought I would get this theory written up as shared with those it might help. I believe it holds considerable promise for providing a solution. However, it will need the help of many to perfect it and demonstrate success. Hopefully more conclusive results will be available soon.

Update: 12/6/06

The Experience of Mike McGuire effectively treating both Chronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis with the same treatment.

Mike's decision to try this treatment came as a result of a discussion we had at our Church. I told him that I thought the the approaches I presented on my web page might work for him. To my amaizment he took me seriously with profoundly successful results. I asked him to send me emails that I could post on my web page so as to help others. They are presented below. This is further verification that both Chronic Fatigue and Rheumatoid Arthritis have a Herpes virus as the root cause. Both required the initial control of the virus with Lysine followed by effective nutritional supplemetation. This sequence with first adjusting the lysine dose to thoroughly control the virus then followed by nutritional supplements was important. The reverse does not work. The Herpes-Rheumatoid Arthritus connection is discussed further in my linked Rheumatoid Arthritus web page. Mike found that it was essential to maintain control with an appropriate dose for him. He found his initial dose of Lysine was too small and he had to increase it to the dose that was effective (see attached email). It appears that such experimentation is essential. Once he discovered the dose that was effective for his arthritus he had to maintain it. He then added the transdermal approach to bringing in B12 described on my linked Anemia web page. I had told him that others with Chronic Fatigue had found it effective. The results were profound.

Mike's 11/30/06 Email

Dear Mr. Gregg

Your research on L-lysene and rheumatoid arthritis has just about performed a miracle in my life, what else can I call it?

I was diagnosed about a year ago with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands.  I was already taking 200 mg of Celebrex a day, and my doctor didn't want to increase that, so told me to supplement it with acetaminofen.  Other than suggestions to take it easy and apply heat as needed, he had no more to say.

Thank God I read the information on your website.  I started a daily regimen of 2gr of L-lysene.  As you suggest, every few days I increased the amount till I am now at 6 gr a day and almost sympton free.  Before I couldn't peel a half dozen potatoes without inducing excrutiating pain and stiffness.  I then couldn't hold a fork to eat dinner, and it took 24 hours for my hands to recover enough to get any more work done.  I'd awake in the morning, my hands aching and so stiff I couldn't close my fist to grab the bedcovers-- I'd have to use my hands and arms like a seal's flippers to do it.

The first few days at 2 gr a day, I did'nt get complete instant relief, but I did have enough improvement to realize that there is something to the information you posted.  So, as I said, I gradually increased the amount.  Now, I'd say my pain and stiffness are 95% reduced!  In the morning now, there is so little pain and stiffness that just washing my hands in warm water clears it up!  When I am working with my hands, I can work for hours-- half a day, often-- before I need to give my hands a rest.  Washing in warm water and eating lunch is enough.  Hoping to see if I can be 100% symptom free, I just added another gr to my daily regimen, and will write back if I get even more relief.

My doctor looked up L-lysene in a reference he has, and said it didn't interfere with anything I'm taking and there were no side affects.

This is practically a miracle!  I can work all day again.  And I sleep all night-- the pain doesn't wake me up any more.  I am so grateful that I not only want you to know so that you keep up your research, but I want people visiting your website to know my story and hope it encourages them to seek the relief that I have found.  So please feel free to post all or any part of what I have written you, or pass on my email address.  I could elaborate on what I've said for anyone who writes me.  I'd feel priveledged to be a part of this work in any small way.

Mike McGuire  

I responded asking him if he was continuing with his medications. This is when he said he was no longer taking any of his medications and then expanded on the Chronic Fatigue benefits he discovered.

Mike's 12/4/06 Email

Dear David,

I have stopped taking the Celebrex altogether and only take acetaminofen occassionaly for other pains.  It's been so long, I can't even remember when I last took it for my hands.

I really need to tell you about another success I've had from the research you posted on your website.  This has had even more far-reaching affects than the relief of my rheumatoid arthritis.

I read your information on chronic fatigue and tried the ideas about dissolving vitamin B12 in DMSO and applying it to the skin.  This one thing alone has had as much affect on overcoming my fatigue as anything my doctor or the specialists provided. 

About a year and a half ago I started falling asleep at stop lights.  I realized too that I had been driving the kids around with the windows down even if they were cold and the radio volume up so that I'd keep awake.  This was scary and I told my doctor.  He didn't seem to like the term "chronic fatigue syndrome" but sent me for tests.  He rule out narcolepsy but found that I have sleep apnoea and hadn't had a single good night's sleep in a long time, probably years.  This thing had crept up on me and I didn't realize there was anything wrong till I was falling asleep at the stop lights.  He also found that my worsening asthma was sapping my energy.  So we addressed the asthma more vigorously.  I then got a CPAP (constant pressure air pump) machine that delivers compressed air to a mask I wear while I sleep, thereby increasing the oxygen and letting me fall into deep restful REM sleep.  The improvement was such an incredible change that it was easy for me to see that I had had a serious condition that had come on gradually over a period of years.

That was summer of 2005.  This summer (2006) I discovered your website, and, spurred on by the success I found with the L-lysene for my arthritis, I began the B12 regimen for chronic fatigue.  Another incredible difference!  Every bit as much of an incredible change as I had found with the CPAP machine.  I actually started cleaning the garage that showed a decade of neglect, the garage that was the embarassment of the neighborhood!   When I had been in the depth of my fatigue, the very thought of cleaning the long neglected garage was simply ovehwelming.  As a matter of fact, just getting the kids to and from school and keeping them fed, doing the dishes, and occassionally washing some clothes was all I could manage.  I was exhausted all the time.  In the afternoon, I could easily fall asleep and sleep through picking up the kids.  Oddly enough, I'd sit up late at night.  I think now that I was resisting the idea of tossing and turning all night long only to drag myself out in the morning even more tired than the night before.  Then, as I said, I got a CPAP machine and finally started getting some good sleep.  I go to bed earlier and look forward to a good night's sleep. 

When I tried the B12, however, it made just as much difference, and I have returned to the world of the living.

Now I start in on a chore and don't even think it might be overwhelming.  I am no longer afraid I'll only get halfway done and be so exhausted I'll have to drag myself through the rest by sheer will alone and in a mental fog.  Instead I look forward to how much I might get done, and how quickly I can get it done.  I wake up in the morning now looking forward to what I can accomplish during the day.

More recently we found I've got Epstein Barr.  Why I wasn't tested initially for it I don't know.  However, I'm in the first stages of recovery, so there is nothing more my doctor can do for that (?!!).  What I'm wondering is could the B12 regimen have anything to do with starting up my recovery?  I've been taking the B12 since July, and wasn't tested for Epstein Barr till about the first of November, about ninety days later.  At the same time they also found I had already begun to recover from it.

I told my doctor about the B12 and how much better I felt, and asked if I had had a significant deficit.  He said he'd add it to the order for my next blood test.  Again, why wasn't this done when I first complained of fatigue?  And won't testing after I've begun supplementing it  show a normal level?  I suppose I could go off the supplement for a month or so to get accurate test results, but I don't want to go back to that low level of activity and foggy thinking, even for proof, if that's what I'd get.

Now here's the best news-- we bought our first house!  The market's right and all that, but I know if I were still feeling the way I was before the B12, it would have been too overwhelming an idea.  The thought alone of all that paper work would have put me off it, let alone the gargantuan task of moving (especially after a decade of neglected closets and the garage, which I had just started cleaning).  We not only did it, but I did most of the work myself!  This would have been impossible without the vitamin B12.  Your work has not only shown me how I might overcome my rheumatoid arthritis but my chronic fatigue as well.  I can work a full day again.  And my family is in our first home of our own!  Your work has changed their lives, too.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Very sincerely,
Mike McGuire

P.S.  If any of your readers would want me to elaborate, they are free to contact me at



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