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WELCOME to the home page of SPARX a "user-friendlyā€¯, affordable blend of essential vitamins, minerals, omega 3 & 6 oils and special nutrients in a single, complex powder. I retired from the business as of 12/08 and have transferred part to Essense-of-Life. They are selling both SPARX and L&C under their own brand names. You may find these products on their web site at SPARX is sold under the name of Essense. You may contact them by either going to the web site or at 1-800-760- 4947.

Pig Duodenal Substance:

Holistic Health Consultants is selling the Pig Duodenal Substance. You may contact them by either going to the web site or at 1-207-824-0968 0r 1-207-824-8501.

About Health Notes: I will continue to help people by researching the many illnesses and issues that haunt our society. You will find my ideas in these pages. I invite you to read them and send me your comments.

David W. Gregg, Ph.D.

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